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Could someone scout me please?

2010-02-23 12:39:34 by Brain112



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2010-02-23 13:52:02

Q: Why doesn't my art appear instantly in the Art Portal like it does in the Flash Portal?

A: Art will appear instantly on your user page, but you will need to be scouted by an approved artist before your art appears in the Art Portal. These "approved artists" aren't necessarily moderators, merely fellow artists who are already members of the Art Portal themselves.
Q: How do I get scouted?

A: Do NOT ask to be scouted! Do not ask in the Forums or send the staff a Private Message about being scouted as these will only hurt your chances. Just submit at least four pieces of quality art and be patient, someone will find you! Every single person with art in the Art Portal has the ability to scout others, so there will be a lot of people with their eyes peeled for great submissions.
Q: Once scouted, can I lose my ability to scout others?

A: Yes, if you scout people who don't take the Art Portal seriously, you may lose your ability to scout further people. You will still be able to submit your own art for as long as you remain scouted.
Q: Can I be unscouted?

A: If you break the rules or simply submit bad art - stick drawings, circles and squares, etc. - you will be unscouted. Your bad art will remain on your user page but art that breaks the rules will be removed.
Q: What are the rules for the Art Portal?

A: The rules are:

* No photographs! We recognize photography as an artistic endeavor, but we're not including it in our Art Portal.
* You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting.
* Racist or hateful material will be removed.
* Illegal material will be removed.
* We try to be tolerant, but reserve the right to draw the line on adult material. In general, funny stuff gets a pass but downright pervert-bate may cross the line.

Q: No photographs? What about a photo of a painting I did in real life?

A: A photograph of a sculpture, painting, or some other piece of art you have made are in fact exceptions to this rule. Feel free to submit scans and photographs of your art if it's not already in a digital format.
Q: Do animated .gifs count as art?

A: Only animated .gifs that YOU have created may be submitted. Do not upload animated .gifs that you have gleaned from the Internet, as the Art Portal is not your personal storage space for things you find funny.
Q: What about art created using a tutorial of some kind?

A: If you created a piece of art by following a tutorial, please refrain from posting it. The Art Portal is for artistic endeavors, not images created by following a set of instructions. Tutorials are a great way to learn to draw but their final products aren't necessarily art, they are merely your copies.
Q: What do I do if I discover art that breaks the rules?

A: Please use the "Report Abuse" link underneath each artwork to report art that breaks the rules. Moderators will review every complaint and delete the offending submissions.
Q: I'm not an artist, can I still help discover talent?

A: On every unscouted artwork page, where the vote bar usually appears, there is a link to "Recommend [a user] for the Art Portal". Clicking that link helps move an artist up the "Most Recommended" list available to scouted artists in the private "Unscouted Art" section.


2010-02-23 14:39:11

That is a copy-paste from the FAQ on art, it can be found in its original and slightly easier to read form in the Help/FAQ link on the top of the page. ThereĀ“s a more thorough FAQ on scouting here: t/388624